Radio X

Discord Music & Radio Bot

16,000 Registered Servers

16 Shards

2,300,000 Registered Members

30+ Slash Commands

How The Bot Works

Understand the effect of Radio X

#1 Create A Voice Channel

Create a voice channel using the + or the server settings.
This channel will be used by the bot. Make sure that the bot
has permission to join and view the channel.

#2 Join And Command

Join the voice channel and use its commands.
Commands like play, iheart or radio.

Vote For Benefits

lyrics - Get the lyrics for the current playing song or other
iheart - Search for an iHeart radio
pause - Temporarily stop the queue
resume - Play the paused queue

“We try to provide a free service. That is why most of the features are free to use. Premium is needed to help support the bots future.”

- AnukFD (Founder & Developer of Radio X)


Premium is a way of supporting the development behind Radio X while getting server perks! When you upgrade to Radio X Premium, you get:

Ability to edit the server queue
Ability to set DJ roles
Ability to set Master roles
Add filters to the on going music
Auto add music when the queue is empty
And much more ...

Tutorial Video

Need some help? This tutorial video should help!